Did Your Friend Get Arrested For Public Intoxication While Walking Home From The Bar? 4 Tips To Bail Them Out Of Jail

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There is nothing worse than getting that phone call late at night that someone you care about is in jail. To make it worse, you might even feel like your friend made the right decision by opting not to drive their car when they suspected that they were drunk. Unfortunately, it is still illegal to be in public while intoxicated, and something happened that caught the police officer's attention. Now, you can use these tips to contact a 24 hour bail bond service that helps your buddy get home so that they can start working to clear their name.

Get As Much Information As Possible

When you call for bail bond services, it helps to have all of the details surrounding the incident that the bondsman needs to handle the case. Make sure that you have your friend's full legal name along with the facility where they are detained. You may also ask if they have officially been charged with the crime of public intoxication and about any other charges that may apply.

Find Out the Bail Amount

Bail bonds are based upon the amount that is specified for your friend to pay for their release from jail. For common crimes that are a first offense for the person being charged, there is usually a schedule of bail amounts that the facility uses to quickly process people brought into the jail. There are also different types of bail bonds that may be used to ensure that your friend appears in court. For instance, a signature bond allows your friend to sign papers saying that they will appear in court or pay a fine. Typically, however, bail is paid in monetary form.

Understand How to Work With a Bail Bondsman

If your friend was walking home from the bar late at night, then you likely need to find them a 24 hour bail bond. Typically, bail bonds are needed when the amount is too high for you or your friend to pay on your own, and the bondsman serves as another form of security that your friend will go to court. The bail bondsman can also help you find out information about your friend's release such as whether or not they had an arraignment.

Follow Up With Your Responsibilities

In most cases, signing for bail bonds means that you are also responsible for making sure that your friend complies with all of the stipulations involved with being released from jail on bond. For example, you must make sure that they make their bail payments and appear for all of their court dates.

Unfortunately, it only takes a series of bad decisions for a person to end up in jail, and helping your friend get released is the only way to help them start getting their life back on track. Now that you know how to work with a bondsman, act quickly so that your friend can be back home as soon as possible.

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