Worried About Being Arrested During The Holidays? Proactive Steps You Can Take

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If you think you may have a warrant out for your arrest, you can be nervous conducting everyday tasks. If a police officer is behind you while driving you may be scared of being pulled over and you may be fearful that every knock at the door is an officer coming to arrest you. Odds are, you want to spend the holidays with your family, so having a warrant out may make you even more scared. Fortunately, you do not have to live in fear. Here are a few of the proactive steps you should take if you suspect you have a warrant. 

Find Out If You Have an Active Warrant

First and foremost, find out if you have an active warrant. There are many different ways you can check for an active warrant. Some counties have an online database where you can check to see if you have an active warrant online. Some counties will allow you to call a police department and check for warrants. Alternatively, bail bonds companies have access to active warrants as well. They can run a check to see. Be advised though, you cannot walk into a police station and check for a warrant. If you have one, a police officer will arrest you on the spot. 

Look Into Warrant Forgiveness or Amnesty Days

During the holiday season, many counties run warrant forgiveness programs or amnesty days. If you have a warrant out for a misdemeanor offense, most counties will allow you to clear the warrant and schedule a court hearing for after the holiday season. Look into this type of program in your area. 

Turn Yourself In

The last way to be proactive is to turn yourself in. If there is a warrant out for your arrest, the warrant typically has bail set with it, unless it is a warranty for a violent crime. You can work with a bail bonds company to post bail for you immediately upon turning yourself in. This is the fastest way to clear a warrant and get out if your area is not offering a warrant forgiveness or amnesty program. 

If you have a warrant, taking care of it yourself is the best remedy to the problem. You can control when you turn yourself in and arrange for bail, if needed, before you do so you can get out of jail as quickly as possible. Contact a bail bonds company today to find out if you have an active warrant and how much bail is set at. You can then arrange for bail to be posted as soon as you turn yourself in, clearing the warrant and allowing you to spend holidays peacefully with your family.