How To Handle Jail Time When The Defendant Has Small Children

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As tough as jail is for those inside, it's much worse for any young children they may have on the outside. At a young age, having a stable and constant family unit is very important for children. These years will make a huge difference in the kind of people the children grow up to be.

When one parent is behind bars for a significant period of time, the trajectory of a child's growth can be permanently altered in a negative way. This means that it's important to know how to handle matters when a defendant has young children waiting.

Don't Give Up On Freedom

Jail is not prison, and until the defendant is sentenced, there is a chance that they'll get to enjoy freedom before their case is heard.

The best thing a jailed defendant can do for their children is to find a way back to them. Time spent away can affect their emotional growth, and if the defendant was the sole breadwinner, life can get very tough for the children.

The defendant should have a good lawyer who'll do their best to push through their bail application. The partner or whoever is on the outside should also ensure that the money needed for bail bonds is ready if bail has been set. Seeking help from a bail bond agency is critical to help maintain normalcy for the family during this time. Even if you don't have the cash to get bail, there are still a number of ways to post bail with a bail bondsman's help, including putting up collateral or having a close friend or family member sign a surety bond. For help with bail, reach out to a professional company like All Night & Day Bailbonds.

Try To Maintain Stability In The Children's Lives

Having one parent away can throw things into disarray, and it's in this moment that the guardian should try as much as possible to keep things stable.

Maintaining stability in such circumstances is rarely easy. Apart from the physical absence of the other parent, there may be financial issues as a result of time spent in jail. Little things like ensuring the children attend school as they normally do and maintaining the same old routine can help to reassure the children than their entire world isn't changing.

The Other Parent Or Guardian Should Know How To Cope

Children can be quite intuitive and will probably know if you're having a difficult time coping. The people charged with taking care of the children's needs also need to find a way of coping with the absence of the defendant. Husbands and wives who are struggling to make ends meet or those not accustomed to spending a lot of time away from their spouse can have a particularly hard time. It's important to find a support system that can help you to deal with the difficult situation.