Applying For A Mortgage? Have The Following Documents Ready

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Are you planning to apply for a mortgage so that you can secure financing for a house? If so, it will help to head to your mortgage lender with the necessary documents to be pre-approved for a loan. 

Your Most Recent Tax Return

The lender is going to want to verify your income over the last few years, and the best way to do this is with your most recent tax return. There is a section which shows how much money you made over the past five years, which is an easy way for a lender to verify how much you made without getting into a background check.

Your Pay Stubs

If you have changed jobs or don't have a set salary, it will be common for a lender to request recent pay stubs from your job. This will help tell the lender how much you are making each week when you are working and help predict future variances income that may affect making your house payment. Pay stubs can also help to prove freelancer income when you are not working a traditional 9 to 5 job and do not have a boss that you can contact as an employment verification.

Your Support Income Documentation

If you are receiving a form of support income, like child support or spousal support, bring in the documents that can help prove the source of this income. The mortgage lender will want to know how much money you receive and for how long you can expect to receive it. 

Your Renting References

If it is your first time buying a home, you should provide some references of previous landlords. This will help verify if you are the type of tenant that paid your rent on time, or if you were struggling to make payments and were frequently late. 

Your Proof Of Service

If you plan on getting a VA loan, know that there are several documents that you need in order to prove that you qualify due to your time served in the military. Make sure that you do your research and have these documents ready to go so that they do not have to be requested. 

Your Identification

Don't forget to bring a photo ID so that the mortgage lender can verify who you are and that your name matches all of the documents you have provided. 

Reach out to your mortgage lender if you have questions about what documents you need to bring.

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