3 Vital Things To Know Before Contacting A Bail Bond Agent

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When you find yourself in a position where you need help getting bailed out of jail, who can you turn to for help? Some people turn to relatives or friends, but what can you do if you do not have anyone who can help? The best option in this situation is to turn to a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent might agree to help you get out of jail, but you should understand three vital things before using their services.

1. The Services Are Not Free

If you can pay the bail yourself or by borrowing the money from a friend, you can avoid paying extra fees and involving a third party. If you need help from a third party, you can call a bail bond agent. The most important thing to know about this is that the bail bond agent's services are not free. In other words, you will pay a fee to use these services. The fee might be around 10% of the bail amount, and you will not receive this money back. This money is the fee the bail bond agent charges for helping you, and the agent keeps this money no matter what happens in your case.

2. You Could Owe the Full Amount

The second thing to know is that you could end up owing the bail bond agent the full amount of your bail, but this is only if you do not play your cards right. If you fail to do what you are told to do, the court might keep the bail money the agent paid on your behalf. If this occurs, you must repay the full amount to the bail bond agent.

3. You Must Follow the Rules

The final thing to know is that you will have a list of rules to follow when hiring a bail bond agent for help. The agent will explain the rules to you and provide you with a list on paper. You must abide by all the rules if you want to avoid owing the agent the full amount of the bail.

Using a bail bond agent is a great way to get out of jail, as it provides a way out without paying the full bail amount. You must understand the terms of the services, though, before using them. To get help from a bail bond agent, contact one of your choice today.