FAQ About The Assistance Of A Bail Bonds Agent

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When someone gets locked behind bars when least expected, it can put him or her in a position in which money is needed in a speedy manner. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to borrow money from friends and family in such a situation, especially if they are in a financial bind. If you are locked up and need to get out, speak to a bail bonds agent as soon as you get the opportunity to do so. There are bail bonds agents that are in the business of helping their clients 24 hours a day and seven days per week. There are a few important things that you might want to know about doing business with a bail bonds agent.

Can Bail Money Be Returned by the Court?

After bail money has been paid to the court, it will usually be returned under certain circumstances. For example, if you get acquitted of the charges that are being held against you, the bail money will be returned. If you can pay the bail money on your own, it will be returned to you. Otherwise, the money will be returned to the bail agent or individual that paid the bail bond amount on your behalf. A small percentage of money that is typically paid to a bail bonds agent before he or she posts bails for an arrestee will not be refunded.

Does a Contract Need to Be Signed with a Bail Bonds Agent?

You should view doing business with a bail bonds agent as a loan, which means that a contract will need to be signed. It is also possible that a bail bonds agent will require a cosigner for the contract. A contract allows a bail bonds agent to take legal action if the agreement is broken. For example, if a bail bonds agent has to take you to court, the contract can act as evidence of the agreement that was made for you to be bailed out of jail. Basically, you can get sued for money that is owed to the agent, especially if your collateral does not cover what is owed. 

Are There Rules After an Individual is Bailed Out?

There will be rules to follow if you get bailed out of jail, including attending all of your court dates. Another common rule is that you must not go into hiding or skip town. Breaking the rules upon being released from jail will lead to the police searching for you, or bounty hunters via the bail bonds agent.

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