4 Mistakes When Seeking Bail Bonds For DUI

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If you get arrested for DUI, the fastest way to get out of jail is to contact a bail bond agency to post your bail bond. They will require you to sign a contract not only agreeing to the conditions set forth by the court but to the agency's rules. Failing to follow these rules or making some other mistakes is a quick way to land back in jail. Here are a few things to avoid.

1. Being Untruthful

Most of the time, you do not know the bail bond agency, and they do not know you. Helping you achieve your freedom from jail is a risk they are taking. Trust is the base of the relationship between you and your DUI bail bondsman. Being untruthful is an easy way to violate this trust and land back in jail. 

The bail bond agency will verify the information you provide them. They will not just ask you for proof of your identification, but they will verify your address and employment and may even check your references. If they find that any of the provided information is untrue, they have the right to revoke your bond.

2. Driving On A Suspended License

Many DUI arrests result in your driver's license being immediately suspended for 30 days or longer. But your actual suspension times depend on your case, prior charges, whether you agreed to field sobriety testing, and your state. 

Getting caught driving on a suspended or revoked license will result in further charges. These charges will impact your DUI arrest and could cancel your bail bonds. A revocation could mean you spend the rest of the time before your court days sitting behind bars.

3. Violating The Conditions Of Your Release

When you are released from jail, the court will usually issue the conditions of your release. This document outlines everything you must do while waiting for your court date. Violation of any of these conditions can result in your re-arrest. 

4. Missing Your Court Date

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when out on bail is not showing up in court when and where you suppose to. Missing a court date will usually result in the court issuing a bench warrant for your arrest, revoking your bond, and charging you with failure to appear. 

A failure to appear charge will make it even harder to get out of jail in the future. This charge makes you a higher risk to any DUI bail bond agency. For more information, visit a site like https://allstarbailbondslv.com/.